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Brian Morton & Co. Solicitors will help you to prepare your Will in a thoughtful and experienced manner. To ensure your wishes will be carried out, your Will will be completed having due regard to Tax and Family Law matters. We offer home visits as required.

We also have a comprehensive probate and administration service. Your consultation will provide you with a full understanding of all procedures.

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Wills & Probate


1. What is a will?


If a person wants his assets to be distributed in a certain way on his death this can only be achieved by leaving a will.


It is very important to ensure as far as possible  that all assets which a testator will be entitled on death are disposed of by the will.


2. Why make a will?


One of the main reasons and best advantage is that a client can decide who his property will be left to by means of a clear legal document.   It allows the client to provide for the special needs of family members and to ensure that the absolute minimum amount of tax is paid on death.


In addition it allows a client to vary provisions of the Succession Act 1965.


Making a will is not something that should be done only at the last minute or only by elderly people.  It is something that should be thought about and planned for and should be considered by all age groups, especially by couples with young children.


It is also a mistake to think that because a person does not have significant assets somehow a will is less necessary.


In the absence of a will control is lost over the distribution of assets and the Succession Act 1965 determines who is to inherit and who is responsible for the administration.




When someone dies their estate cannot be administered until the grant of probate is received from the Probate office.


The Probate Office is part of the High Court and its core function in the probate process is to give authority to the correct person at law to deal with a deceased person’s estate.

The three most common types of Grant issued by the Probate Office are the following;

  • Grant of Probate – Where a person dies leaving a valid will and appoints an Executor.

  • Grant of Letters of Administration – Where a person dies without having made a valid will, they are deemed to died intestate. The Grant issues to the person or persons who were their nearest next of kin at the date of death. The Succession Act 1965, determines who is next of kin.

  • Grant of Letters of Administration with Will Annexed – Where a person dies having made a valid will and a person other than the executor applies, the Grant issues to the persons entitled by law.


We as your solicitor can assist with the Probate application.  We will gather the assets of the deceased and arrange for payment to the beneficiaries.

 *In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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