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Brian Morton & Co. Solicitors are highly experienced in dealing with all areas of litigation(Personal Injury - Road Traffic Accidents). It has been a key component of our services for many years, with extensive experience in representing claimants and defendants at High Court, Circuit Court and District Court levels.

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Motorbike Accidents
Accidents at work
Professional Negligence
Medical Negligence
Product liability claims
Personal injuries assessment board (PIAB)

We are committed to excellence to ensure your file is brought to a successful conclusion.

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Personal Injuries Assessment Board

  • Under the PIAB Act 2003, anyone intending to seek compensation for a personal injury must make an application to the Personal

     Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB).

  • There are a number of documents required by the PIAB:

    • A completed application form (Form A).

    • A medical assessment form(Form B) completed by your treating practitioner.

    • Receipts and vouchers for any other financial loss you may have incurred, together with any other documentation you may

       consider relevant to your claim.

    • If you have entered into correspondence with the Respondent following your injury, copies of this correspondence should also be

       included. Payment of €5. 

  • Brian Morton & Company will help you with all aspects of your application from commencement to conclusion.

  • Brian Morton & Company will obtain all necessary medical reports.

  • We will conduct all correspondence with the PIAB and deal with all queries.

  • PIAB will examine the application and supporting documentation. When the application is complete, PIAB will acknowledge in

     writing the date of receipt and confirm your application.

  • PIAB will notify the person you hold responsible for your injury (the Respondent) of your intention to make a claim against them.

     The Respondent has 90 days to confirm that they are not disputing liability and are consenting to PIAB assessing your claim.

  • When the PIAB complete their assessment they will let you and the Respondent know in writing the amount of the assessment.

     As the Claimant,  you have 28 days to decide if you accept or reject the assessment.


    • You must acknowledge this in writing to PIAB, if you accept.

    • The Respondent has 21 days to accept or reject the assessment.

    • If both parties accept the assessment, PIAB will issue an Order to Pay to the Respondent. An Order to Pay has the

       same status as an award of court.

    • PIAB will send you an authorization to proceed to court if you so wish, if either party rejects the assessment.

    • You should be aware that if you withdraw your claim, you cannot resubmit the claim to PIAB again nor initiate the claim

       through the legal system. 

    • Unfortunately the Respondent can at the end of the process reject the assessment and deny liability in subsequent proceedings.

 *In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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